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Welcome to Aoris-Network!
This is a newly created network in which we have created a small amount of servers such as:
- Lobby (An awesome lobby in which you will be welcome to look around(get a few rewards) and head to our other servers!)
- SMP ( ...

Recent Voters

Eternumex2022-11-19 14:34:14
Zenmor2022-11-13 12:35:18
Moonria_2022-08-09 12:19:14
Moonria_2022-08-08 19:06:02
Moonria_2022-08-04 17:31:29
Moonria_2022-08-03 13:18:33
Moonria_2022-07-30 06:31:55
Eternumex2022-07-29 18:03:02
Moonria_2022-07-29 13:53:42
Moonria_2022-07-19 08:36:39
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