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Aoris-Network is a recently created Minecraft network that is in Online mode.
The server has non-pvp survival with claiming chunks, auction house, jobs and more.
We have creative as well with plots and soon to be added world edit and voxel sniper.

Recent Voters

PattyEnder2021-11-28 04:41:36
Zenmor2021-11-23 10:00:12
Zenmor2021-11-13 11:34:18
Eternumex2021-11-13 10:25:33
LogicNotFound_242021-11-13 10:09:19
Zenmor2021-11-11 19:19:00
Eternumex2021-11-10 12:37:34
HvzeI2021-11-10 11:32:19
yMeliodasPVP2021-11-09 18:59:21
Eternumex2021-11-09 17:51:31
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