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Purchase Policy

The terms and policies relating to all purchases.

Purchase Policy

By making any purchases using Server Locator you are agreeing to the following Purchase Policy.

  1. The use of "We", "Us", and "Our" on this page refers to the site (Server Locator) and owning company (Culley Studios).
  2. The use of "Our Service" on this page refers to our website, servers, and applications.
  3. The use of "You" and "Your" refers to all visitors and users.
  4. The use of "Your Server" refers to the server listing the purchase was made for.
  5. The use of "Payment Processor" refers to any entities involved in the payment process including financial institutions, card processors, and PayPal

If you do not agree with this policy do not make any purchases while using our service.

Sponsored Slots

Sponsored Slots are displayed at the top of our website and application landing page, and also are displayed at the top of any relevant searches or categories. These slots are auctioned off with the highest bidders at the end of the auction retaining the sponsored slots.

There are a total of (5) slots displayed for a fixed duration descending in order based on price with the highest paid bid displayed in the 1st slot (top) and the lowest in the 5th (bottom). Once an auction is completed the top bidders will be required to pay their bid amount in full by the payment due date listed. Any bids you make are final and you will be obligated to pay the amount you bid if you finish in the top (5). If one or multiple users in the top (5) fail to pay by the due date the runner(s) up will be moved into the top (5) and will be required to pay for their bid.

Due to auction style for sponsored slots, there are no refunds for any Sponsored Slot purchases. In the event a dispute is opened during the sponsored period we reserve the right to resell the slot for the remaining sponsored duration.

Premium Membership

Premium Memberships are additional subscriptions which can be purchased for any of your server listings. These memberships are purchased individually per server. There are (3) different tiers of premium, each with its own perks:

  • For 30 day premium your server will get +75 bonus votes on purchase and +75 at beginning of the next month if premium is still active. Ability to upload a 600kb banner for your server.
  • For 180 day premium your server will get +125 bonus votes on purchase and +125 at beginning of the next 5 months. Ability to upload a 700kb banner for your server.
  • For 365 day premium your server will get +200 bonus votes on purchase and +200 at beginning of the next 11 months. Ability to upload a 800kb banner for your server.

In addition to the perks above with a premium membership your server would have a yellow highlighted background, and grant you the ability to upload a custom 40kb icon image. You can extend premium memberships at any point with the highest tier being applied for the entire duration.


We wish to resolve all issues regarding payments with customers directly. Contact Us and we will try to find the best solution to any issue you may have regarding payments.

You may request a full refund within the (24) hour period following that of the purchase being made (excluding Sponsored Slots). After the (24) hour period has passed you may only request a partial refund. All refund decisions will be made at our discretion. In the case of a full refund it will be the total amount minus any applicable service fees. If we decide to grant a partial refund we may charge an additional 10% fee as a service for processing your refund.


We reserve the right, in our sole discretion to suspend your server and/or account at any time for any length of time. This measure will be taken in case of pending or suspicious fraudulent payments and/or if the money is put on hold by the payment processor. Once the payment will be cleared and/or the dispute will settled in our favor we will re-activate your server and/or account for the remaining days.


We reserve the right to terminate your server and/or account and may block future payments in case you open a payment dispute with the payment processor or you request a refund.

Last Revision: February 21st, 2018