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Get the most out of your server with premium!

What is premium?

Premium is additional subscription option which you can purchase for your server which provides extra features. Some of these features include the following:

  • Option to upload a custom server icon
  • Golden background to set your server apart from others
  • Removal of Adsense ads on your server page
  • Ability to upload larger higher quality banners
  • Higher API vote limit per day
  • Extra votes at the start of each month to boost your server

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Step 1. Choose your server:

Step 2. Choose a payment option:

PayPal Enjin Coin Bitcoin

Step 3. Choose a subscription:

$10 USD

For 30 Days

Custom Server Icon
Gold Background
Max Banner Upload Size 600kb
Higher API Vote Limit 50/day
Extra Monthly Votes

$40 USD

For 180 Days

Custom Server Icon
Gold Background
No Ads on Server Page
Max Banner Upload Size 700kb
Higher API Vote Limit 100/day
Extra Monthly Votes

$70 USD

For 365 Days

Custom Server Icon
Gold Background
No Ads on Server Page
Higher Search Ranking2
Max Banner Upload Size 800kb
Higher API Vote Limit 150/day
Extra Monthly Votes

1 Exchange rates are updated every 5 minutes, the current USD equivalent rates are as follows. BTC = $0, ENJ = $0
2 Increased display ranking is displayed only on searches and does not affect overall ranking. Sponsored servers will always take priority in ranking at the top of the search, followed by 365 day premium servers ordered by monthly votes.