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Looking to increase your playerbase? Consider bidding for a sponsored slot! The current auction bidding is open until 15:00 Nov 16, 2018 | Click here to view the current auction!

What is sponsored?

Sponsored is the best way to expand your server reach to the number of individuals using our service everyday! There are a total of 5 slots which are available for sponsorship rotated out on a bi-weekly basis. These slots are displayed on the very top on our site home page and also display at the top of relevant searches results or category reuslts.

These sponsored slots are put up for auction in which users submit their bid for a sponsored slot. The 5 slots are awarded to the those with the highest bids during the auction.

Current Auction


Winning Bids:
TemplePrime Network$6
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Last Auction

Ended 02/11/2018

Winning Bids:
TemplePrime Network$6
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Auction payment options:

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