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Mass Hysteria is a new, and custom Factions server with over 100 custom enchants, custom bosses, mob coins, keys and crates, and more!

Recent Voters

ArMi_Pro2022-01-02 05:58:38
oPots2019-02-17 12:35:25
Chewiestbike7452019-02-13 20:04:12
lord_BiteSize2019-02-12 15:22:49
Chewiestbike7452019-02-11 19:22:29
lord_BiteSize2019-02-11 15:23:48
BlackNYellow_2019-02-06 14:50:16
rainbows_and_gay2019-02-05 18:05:44
BlackNYellow_2019-02-05 13:56:12
BlackNYellow_2019-02-04 13:49:23
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