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Owner Orkernus
Players 0/0
Rank 152
Monthly Votes 0
Total Votes 228
Last Ping 4 minutes ago


Server banner

Welcome to Orkenus!
We are a growing survival Minecraft server that offers unique gameplay from simple quality-of-life improvements like teleporting leaded animals alongside you, to abilities to level up!
Orkenus is a safe space, so as long as you treat others with respect, you will be presented with such.
Getting started is simple, and enjoying your time on Orkenus is mindless due to the many possibilities to create new friends. Through services like our Discord server, you can build bonds that last.

Our key features are:
New enchantments to spice up gameplay!
Buy and sell items in the Market to get rich!
Claim your builds and expand your area with Lands!
More advancements with: BlazeandCave's Advancement Pack
Easy crop-harvesting simple by right-clicking with a hoe!
Easily transport your animals by teleporting while they're on a lead!
And many, many more!

Join Orkenus today to create new relationships and create works of creativity!

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