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Vortex Prison ~ A Life Changing Experience Our Server Has Many Custom Plugins Made Just For This Server! We have custom pickaxe enchants such as Explosive, Jack Hammer, Key Farmer, Coin Farmer, Burst Fortune and more! You can access all enchants using /Ve or /VortexEnchants We Also Offer Prestiges! When You Prestige To Certain Prestiges, You get more access to other enchants! So you can always look forward to making out your pickaxes! You Also Get Rankupgrades From Certain Prestiges! Our Ranking System Starts From A and ends at Free! In Our Server You Can Also Get Lucky Blocks! Custom Made By Us! You can get lucky blocks starting from W-Mine! There Is Also Donor Lucky Blocks! Donors Can Open These Lucky Blocks Which Contain Better Rewards! :) We Also Have Awesome Voting Rewards! You Get A Vote Key + 4k Tokens + 2.5 Million + 1 Tier4 Bomb & A Lucky Block! Our Crates Our Unique And Very Different From Most Other Servers! You Also Get Plots! Prestiging At Certian Prestiges Give You More Plots! We Also Have Supply Crates! You Can Get Alot Of Cool Stuff From Them! We Also Have PlotMines! You Can Get Them From Special Events, Watching Ads Or Purchasing Them From Our Store! We Have Other Cool Stuffz Like Vote Parties Player Vaults, Plot Shops And More! Our Server Is Not 100% Pay To Win! You Can Get Ranks From Keys, Voting, Prestiging, Special Events & Or Just By Watching Ads! Come Join Us Now! IP : VortexPrison.Me Need Any Help? Contact Us On Our Forums Or Discord! In Game Commands: /Website /Discord (1.8)