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XCraft Survival is an experience that culminates the basics of Minecrafts survival mode with multiple added features. The basics would include MCMMO, an economic system, as well as a lottery. Notable features include player created shops and trading. The server takes inspiration from old-school survival servers with a community focussed environment. The player created shops puts economy in the hands of the community, however there is still a central server shop. Another key feature of the server is the inclusion of a massive world that is over 100k blocks to minimize griefing incidents. There are also other aspects of the server that draw away from survival, those being Spleef and Parkour to provide extra experiences. Areas are able to be claimed to prevent builds from being destroyed. This is accomplished through the simplicity of GriefPrevention. The massive world is included to give you the opportunity to build without worry of griefing or getting in the way of other builds. XCraft Survival aims to give players a comfortable environment for them to just enjoy their experience with not just the server, but with those who are around them. Join our discord for news and updates:


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